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Dating tips for men

Dating tips for men

Online Dating Tips

1) Create a Great Profile
The content of your online profile along with your photo (have a look at tip #2) are the two main items that determine whether you will be contacted by potential dates on the site. Therefore you should make certain that your profile will attract others by being upbeat, fun and intriguing. Don't make your profile sound negative in any way (i.e. I'm not good at dating, I just want someone to be with me). A good idea would be to take a look at the profiles that other people post on the site and observe what things draw you into that profile.

2) Use up-to-date and nice photos
Let's be honest! When you are searching for dates online, the first thing that you look at is the photo on the person's profile. The photos are the key to getting dates and getting replies to your messages. Today, posting boring photos is just not going to work. You need to consider your hairstyle, clothing, activities that are going on in the photos in order to get responses. When I changed my profile from a boring photo of me at work to a photo that showed that I am very active and have fun, my responses increased. The photo of me at the ski resort also was a great conversation starter.

3) Learn how to communicate effectively
Your initial email to a person that you are interested in getting to know better is the most crucial email you will write because if they don't like your message they aren't going to write back. You should make sure that your message is personalized for that particular person and that you include at least a few questions about them (based on what they have shared in their profile). Adding a complement can only help but make sure that 9t is genuine and not generic sounding.

4) Respect others
Respecting other people shows that you are a person of character. This means that you should communicate with others in a polite manner. Unwelcome distasteful jokes or language is not the proper way to communicate. This also means that if you change your mind about chatting with someone, let that person know with a polite final message. Many people online complain about people that have simply disappeared from a conversation when the other person thought it was going well.

5) Skip the small lies
With online dating white lies are common and typically include lying about one's age, posting old photos, lying about one's occupation or income level. It is much easier to remember what you said if you were not lying. Also if you happen to have a relationship with that person later you might get found out. If you are looking for a long term relationship don't ruin it later with lies.

6) Find out how to avoid meeting married people
It is common knowledge that married people make up about 25% of online daters. These people are often looking for a secret or cheating relationship and may hide that they are married. Therefore it is important to watch out for common signs that a person is married. They may post grainy pictures or no picture, avoid answering questions about their relationship status or skip giving you a phone number when it is time to meet. If something seems fishy, just remember that they are trying not to be discovered by family or their partner!

7) Plan a fun first date
Picking a fun and unique first date will make it less awkward with trying to get to know each other on the first date. Pick a date idea that you think that both you and your date will enjoy. Don't forget that being confident is the key! We all get nervous sometimes but focusing on the positive can help you break the ice!

8) Avoid becoming an online serial dater
Online Dating Magazine was the first to come up with the term of the "professional online dater" which refers to people who are addicted to online dating. The issue is that these people are no longer interested in making a genuine connection or finding a relationship. These people just like the thrill of dating and people end up getting hurt in the process. These type of people typically never delete their profiles even while in a relationship or disappear as soon as they find another person to date.

By following these tips, you can have a better chance of finding the person that you are looking to meet. You will also show that you are an online dater of character. Every year thousands of online daters manage to meet the person that they are looking for and have happy relationships.